Sunday, July 26, 2009

New template and Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks

Bear with me while I work on a new template- I may continue to make a few changes. I like this layout and would like to have a photo in the header, but I am having trouble finding how to change the size. If anyone can give me a suggestion, I'd very much appreciate it. But I have very few readers left after taking such a long break from blogging!

Here's a pair of socks finished recently: Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks

From Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Lion Brand Sock Ease - yarn seems pretty durable, but not tested yet.
Addi Size 0 circ - magic loop method. My new fave.

And here's an interesting heel. And by interesting, I mean I don't like it. It seems to fit snugly, which I like - but it seems a little too snug. Can you see how the heel is turned on just about five stitches? It just seems too small. These I knitted for my husband, but he said something about grown men not wearing striped socks. hmmph. This is a good pattern though - a good standard. I like the basic patterns in Knitting Vintage socks too - the simple ribbed sock. There are many, many possibilities starting with that pattern. One modification on the socks shown here...I almost always adapt to a k1, slip 1 heel flap for extra durability.

Since I have been away so long, I have a number of completed projects that I can use to provide me with writing fodder for awhile.