Sunday, June 21, 2009

Been away....

I haven't been blogging lately - I've continued to read my favorite blogs, but it also seems that others are slower to post as well. I wonder if it is the summer weather. It could also be the extensive list of projects we have to complete before winter. I thought maybe a new look would inspire me, so I picked a new blog template.

Since my last blog, I have finished three pairs of socks and started two more pair. But today, I got into it a bit...I picked up Mason Dixon Outside the Lines - great patterns and those two are so funny. I also started reading Green Apples - a knitting blog regularly. She had a great post recently about how she styles her knits - inspiring. I have been inspired to start thrifting again and was inspired to start a new project and plan a couple of others.

I picked up Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in spruce for the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from the spring 2008 Interweave Knits and am about 2/3s finished. I also bought Andean Silk in Fedora (chocolate brown to make the Minimalist Cardigan also from Interweave Knits. And I bought Cotlin in planetarium also from Knitpicks for a pattern from - you guessed it - Interweave Knits - to make the Sleeveless Tuxedo Top.

The summer has been whizzing by and I have only been camping once so far, but at a great park - Perrot State Park. We're planning on a return trip to see fall colors and get in some more camping. Here's our massive tent with remote controlled lighting being pitched:

And the husband, reflecting on the upcoming weekend. So cute.

That's it. I took only a couple of pictures.

Knitting content coming of the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan